Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reading and Writing in Renaissance Society 1400-1700

Canterbury Christ Church University & Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library
Call for Papers for the Renaissance Colloquium
29th March 2008

Twenty minute papers are invited for the Annual Renaissance Colloquium.
The colloquia reflect a range of disciplinary approaches to the study of
manuscripts and early printed books in a bid to provide a more fully
contextualised understanding of literacy and 'book' culture in
provincial society across the period. Working collaboratively with
Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library, the day will draw together
scholars working on a range of source material such as book lists and
inventories, literary manuscripts, early printed books, common place
books, letters and civic documents.

Papers are particularly welcome from but not restricted to scholars who
have worked on material housed at Canterbury Cathedral Archives and
Library. Key themes include: types of literacy and the status of the
literate, orality, dis/continuities between manuscript and print
culture, reading and writing practices, issues of methodology,
materiality, book ownership/access, coterie writing, reading
communities, provincial, metropolitan and continental contexts.

Further information will be available via the website

Please send a 300 word synopsis of your paper to
claire.bartram@canterbury.ac.uk by March 7th 2008

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