Friday, February 29, 2008

'Beware the author'

A one-day workshop on William Baldwin
University of Newcastle, 17th June 2008

Key-note speakers: Dr Tom Betteridge (Oxford Brookes); Dr Rob Maslen (Glasgow)

Baldwin was author of a diverse range of works: he edited the influential
collaborative project A Mirror for Magistrates; translated the Song of Songs
and Italian satire on Pope Paul III's descent into Hell; composed original works of
poetry and prose, including the first printed sonnet in English and the first
substantial work of prose fiction in English, Beware the Cat, generally
acknowledged as the most skilful anti-Catholic satire of its time. Baldwin's
artistry, his sophisticated understanding of narrative and playful
interrogation of 'authorship', as well as the political nature of his writing
make him long-overdue for the sort of sustained critical attention that this
one-day event is designed to promote.

Papers are welcomed on any aspect of Baldwin's writings. Please send a 200-word
abstract to by Wednesday 2nd April.

For further details, or to book a place, contact:


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