Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Persecution and Martyrdom

Tyndale, More and their Circles: Persecution and Martyrdom under the Tudors
A conference for scholars of Tudor literature & religion

Liverpool Hope University, 3-6 July 2008


Principal Speakers

Prof. Brian Cummings

Professor of English, University of Sussex

'The Letter Killeth': More, Tyndale and the Unwritten Verities

Prof. Eamon Duffy

Professor of the History of Christianity, University of Cambridge

Thomas More's 'Dialogue Concerning Heresies'

Rev. Dr Ralph S. Werrell

University of Birmingham

Tyndale Versus More: The Theological Conflict

Delegates from the UK, Ireland, various Continental universities and the USA will address a range of topics on religious persecution under the Tudors. In addition to sessions on More and Tyndale there will be papers dealing with Erasmus, John Fisher, Thomas Stapleton, William Lamb, Celio Secondo Curione, Nicholas Ridley, Anne Askew, William Alabaster, William Hunne and Barnaby Rich.

Full details of the programme, registration forms and registration fees can be found on the conference's internet site or can be had by writing to the conference organisers. Registration forms and fees must be returned by Friday 13th of June 2008.


For further information contact:

Rev. Matthew Baynham
GLB 002, Hope Park

Liverpool L16 4JD



Dr John Flood
Balliol College
Oxford OX1 3BJ




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