Monday, February 18, 2008

Unravelling the cypher on the page

Teaching medieval and early modern manuscripts (Bangor University, Friday 14 March 2008)

Speakers: Julia Boffey, Tom Davis, David Ganz, Christian Leitmeir, Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan, Oliver Pickering and James Willoughby.

This free one-day event will focus on the problems encountered in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates ways of transcribing, reading and dating medieval and early modern manuscripts. The appeal of these artefacts is ever increasing, as material objects of the past acquire more complex meaning in cultural and intellectual history. The event is deliberately organised in an interdisciplinary way, and it is hoped specialists from a range of disciplines will be involved. Sharing good practice and building a portfolio of teaching aids, including the use of digital editions, will form part of the programme.

To attend this event, please register at

The event is being organised by Dr Raluca Radulescu and Dr Sue Niebrzydowski in association with the English Subject Centre ( and the Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology (, For further information, please contact Sue Niebrzydowski (

Provisional Programme:

10:15: Registration and coffee

10:30-11.00: Professor David Ganz (Oxford): 'Challenges to working with early manuscripts'

11.00-12:30: Building a Teaching Portfolio:

Dr Oliver Pickering (Leeds): 'On-line teaching methods'

Dr James Willoughby (Oxford) ‘Working with photocopies'

12:30-1:30: Lunch

1:30-3:00: Professor Julia Boffey (QMUL): 'Teaching MS editing skills'

Dr Ceridwen Lloyd Morgan (formerly NLW): ‘Approaches to MSS that combine text

and image'

Dr Christian Leitmeir (Bangor): 'Dealing with musical notation in composite


3:00-3:15: Tea/Coffee break

3:15-4:00: Tom Davis (Birmingham): 'Early modern approaches and electronic


4:00: Close


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