Thursday, May 22, 2008

Collecting Revolution: The History and Importance of the Thomason Tracts

Date: 30 June-1 July 2008
Venue: British Library / University College London

The pamphlet collection amassed by the London bookseller George Thomason
is of unparalleled importance, and has helped to ensure that the civil
wars and interregnum remain central to the study of British history.
Nevertheless, this is generally reflected in scholarly exploitation of
the tracts, rather than in critical analysis of them. This conference
seeks to explore a variety of approaches to the Thomason collection,
including the man and his milieu, his role as a publisher and
bookseller, his aims and methods as a collector, the fate of his
collection, and its significance to subsequent generations of scholars.

Speakers: Sabrina Baron, Maureen Bell, Michael Braddick, David Como, Ann
Hughes, Keith Lindley, Giles Mandelbrote, Jason McElligott, Michael
Mendle, Jason Peacey, Joad Raymond, Julian Roberts, David Stoker, Elliot
Vernon, and Steven Zwicker.


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