Wednesday, May 07, 2008

CUNY Renaissance Studies Colloquium

Friday, May 16, 2008, in Room 5109, the Graduate Center,365 Fifth Avenue, 2-5 PM. The Colloquium (2-4PM) is on "New Trends in the History of Renaissance Science." The speakers will be delivering the following papers:

Pamela Smith (History, Columbia): "Objects, Practices, Techniques, and
Texts: The Movement of Knowledge in the Early Modern World";

Allison Kavey (History, John Jay) "It's Agrippa's World; we're
just playing with it";

Sheila Rabin (History, St. Peter's): "'The stars incline': Kepler
and Astrology"

The respondent will be Joseph Dauben, Distinguished Professor of

Following the colloquium, we will have a reception from 4 to 5 PM to honor the winners of the Essay Prize and the Travel Grant for students in the CUNY Renaissance Studies Certificate Program. So, please come to celebrate their good work and the end of the semester with us on May 16. Wine, cheese, and other goodies will be served.

Clare Carroll
Coordinator, Renaissance Studies
The Graduate Center, CUNY


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