Monday, June 23, 2008

Teaching Milton and his time

Centre for Enquiry Based Learning
University of Manchester
7 November, 2008

This day conference will examine new pedagogies and new technologies for the
teaching of John Milton and his time. Sessions already scheduled will

Interdisciplinary teaching
The problems and challenges associated with making Milton relevant
New teaching styles such as Enquiry Based Learning
The impact of information technologies and web 2.0 practices upon pedagogy
Teaching textual and material culture in partnership with libraries and

Several sessions have been planned already in partnership with a range of
institutions, libraries and organisations, including Chetham's Library, John
Rylands Library and MIMAS.

Scheduled speakers and participants include Sharon Achinstein, Gordon
Campbell, Tom Corns, Rosanna Cox, Jerome de Groot, Karen Edwards, Thomas
Luxon, Marcus Nevitt.

For details, contact Dr Jerome de Groot,


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