Sunday, July 27, 2008

Henry VIII and the Tudor Court 1509-2009

Historic Royal Palaces, Kingston University and Oxford Brookes University
13 – 15 July 2009
Hampton Court Palace

Three day international interdisciplinary conference to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession

Call for papers: The conference will draw on a variety of disciplines, from history, literature, and theology through to textiles, music, art, and architecture. Focussing particularly on the fashioning of the court, it aims to address Henry VIII as the sacral monarch around whom it all revolved, and honour his continuing legacy.

We especially welcome papers (or panels of three papers) on:

Continuities with the Late Medieval past

The ceremony of court

Music and the Reformation

Architecture and the court

Patronage and gift-giving

Painting at the Tudor court

Courtly biography

Display and disorder: using material culture

Measuring Henry VIII’s legacy

The occasion of court

New directions on Henry’s Queens

Royal education

Reformation and the 1540s

Itinerancy and the itinerary of Henry VIII

Thomas More and humanism

A European court?

Gender and power at the Tudor court

Plays and playwrights at the Tudor court

Abstracts may be up to 250 words, designed for 20 minute papers and should be submitted by 15 November 2008 online – follow link at the url below.

Speakers include:

G.W. Bernard, Susan Brigden, Eamon Duffy, Maria Hayward, David Starkey, Greg Walker

And featuring a roundtable on image and iconography led by Dale Hoak with John N. King, Tatiana String and Tanya Cooper

For more information visit

Conference organisers:

Suzannah Lipscomb, Research Curator, Hampton Court Palace (

Thomas Betteridge, Reader in English Literature, Oxford Brookes University


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