Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life and Living in Later Stuart London Conference

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Saturday 6th September 2008 at Roehampton University, London

The Hearth Tax Project is pleased to announce its third annual conference. This conference will examine evidence from a range of social and economic sources in order to provide both an insight into research methodologies and analysis in areas such as wealth and poverty, domestic life, occupations, religious belief and housing.

In addition to providing an overview of the period, the conference will engage in greater detail with sources such as hearth tax assessments, probate inventories, architectural plans, records of religious persecution and assessments for the Four shillings in the Pound Aid.

The day is suited to students, scholars and members of the general public who wish to gain an understanding of how to approach these seemingly complex and demanding sources in relation to social and cultural history as well as the history of the built environment and the social and occupational topography of Restoration London.

For details of the programme and how to book please visit:


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