Sunday, August 03, 2008


David Nicol writes ...

I have created an experimental online resource called "Source Works of
Renaissance Drama" (or SWORD for short!) and I encourage readers to give it a
trial run.

The SWORD is the first stage of an attempt to create a database of the source
works of Renaissance plays. The current version enables you to browse the
sources of a large number of plays by title, source text or author. You can
create a list of the sources of a particular play, of the plays deriving from a
particular source, or of the sources used by a particular playwright.

I believe that even in this preliminary stage the SWORD is a useful resource,
although it does have some glaring limitations that you will no doubt discover.
I would be enormously grateful for any comments, positive or negative, that
users may wish to offer, and suggestions for further development. Contact
details and suggested areas for comment are available on this page:

David Nicol
Department of Theatre
Dalhousie University


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