Wednesday, September 24, 2008

George Washington ...

Please join us for the inaugural event of the GW Medieval and Early
Modern Studies Institute (GW MEMSI), a symposium on Touching the Past.
The symposium begins at 1:30 in the fourth floor conference room of
Phillips Hall (Academic Center, 801 22nd St NW) and lasts until 5. We
feature two panels:

Session One (moderated by Leah Chang, Romance Languages and Literature, GW)

* Peggy McCracken (Professor of French and Women's Studies and
Associate Dean, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan)
"Feeling the Past"
* Eileen Joy (Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English
Language and Literature, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville),
"The Faded Silvery Imprints of the Bare Feet of Angels: Historical

Session Two (moderated by Karl Steel, Department of English, CUNY Brooklyn)

* Julian Yates (Associate Professor of English and Material
Culture Studies, University of Delaware), "What was Pastoral (again)?
More Versions"
* Carolyn Dinshaw (Professor of English and Social & Cultural
Analysis, New York University) "The Lay of the Land: Queer Love in A
Canterbury Tale."

The event is free and welcomes anyone who would like to attend. More
details forthcoming.


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