Saturday, September 27, 2008

Literature and Science

The 4th annual conference of the British Society for Literature and Science
will take place at the University of Reading on 27th-29th March, 2009.
Keynote speakers will include Dame Gillian Beer, formerly King Edward VII
Professor of English Literature at Cambridge; Patrick Parrinder, Professor
of English at the University of Reading; and Simon Conway Morris, Professor
of Evolutionary Palaeontology at Cambridge.

The Society invites proposals for 20-minute research papers addressing any
aspect of the interaction between literature and science; collaborative
panels of two or three papers; and papers or panels on the teaching of
literature and science. We welcome work on literature from all periods and
countries, and on all aspects of science, including medicine and
technology. Presenters need not be based in UK institutions.

Please email proposals of up to 400 words to Dr John Holmes
( by Monday 1st December, together with a 100-word
biographical note (or in the case of a panel, abstracts and notes for each
speaker). Please send abstracts in the body of messages; do not use
attachments. Alternatively, abstracts and proposals may be posted to Dr
John Holmes, Department of English and American Literature, University of
Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 218, Reading, RG6 6AA, UK.

Please address any queries to Dr John Holmes at the email or postal address


Blogger gillberk said...

In literature, there aren’t experiments, but taste exists. Not everyone’s is the same but not everyone’s is equal, either. Mine is well-developed enough to have some opinions of at least some validity, I hope, and I’m looking for others who can say the same, and who know something of science fiction—hence my appreciation of those who pointed out the Clarke Awards and made other suggestions.


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