Sunday, September 21, 2008

Negotiating and Imagining Power in the Early Modern Hispanic World

A One-Day Symposium at the School of History, University of Liverpool

The Boardroom, Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 10 – 5pm

This one-day-symposium will interest scholars from a wide range of disciplines within Early Modern and Religious Studies as well as Iberian and Latin-American studies. Speakers will investigate some of the diverse ways in which power was imagined, negotiated and perceived in the early modern Hispanic world and beyond. A particular emphasis will be on the place of religion in early modern Hispanic political debate, conflict and identity.

10:00 Coffee and Welcome (Arthur West Room)

10:30 Dr. Glyn Redworth (Manchester): ‘Imagining Power: Holy Relics in the

Politics of Early Modern Spain.’

11:30 Dr. Fernando Cervantes (Bristol): ‘Unity in Diversity: the Ties of Religious

Culture in the Early Modern Hispanic World’

12:30 Lunch (Arthur West Room)

14:00 Dr. Harald E. Braun (Liverpool): ‘Bookish Guidance for Pious Kings:

Negotiating the Treacherous Waters of Politics in El governador christiano’

15:00 Dr. Alexander Samson (UCL): 'Imagining the Hispanic World in Early Modern


16:00 Coffee and Concluding Discussion

This event is jointly hosted by the Early Modern European Research Group and the Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic and Cultures of Political Counsel Research Clusters at Liverpool. We gratefully acknowledge the support from our sponsor, the School of History, University of LiverpooL ( and the Research Institute for Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool (

If you wish to attend (also indicating whether you would like to join us for lunch and/or dinner), please contact Dr. Harald E. Braun ( or 0151-7942381.


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