Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society

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University of Birmingham

Seminar Programme 2008-2009 – Semester 1

Wed 1 October: John Jowett (Shakespeare Institute):

The Paper Trail: “The Booke of Sir Thomas Moore”

Wed 15 October: Jacqueline Eales (Christ Church, Canterbury):

National Political Culture and Provincial Preaching as a point of contact in Early Modern England

*Wed 29 October: ANNUAL LECTURE, CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN EARLY MODERN STUDIES: Susan Brigden (Lincoln College, Oxford):

To Dethrone a King: The Papal Crusade against Henry VIII

Wed 19 November: Lucy Munro (Keele University):

Archaic Shakespeare

Wed 3 December: Wendy Trevor (Birmingham):

Seneca’s De Beneficiis and Commodity Measuring Amity in Early Modern Drama

*All seminars to take place in Room 103, Arts Building, 4.15 pm, except for the CREMS annual lecture, which will take place in the Barber lecture theatre at 5.15 pm.

For further information contact Dr Alex Gajda ( or Dr Hugh Adlington (


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