Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exploring the Renaissance

The Society for Renaissance Studies, 2008-2009

The Society is pleased to announce the following series of free public lectures at venues around the UK and Ireland. These will address the state of studies in the Renaissance across a range of disciplines. For further information, see the Society’s website at www.rensoc.org.uk

‘The Instruments of Renaissance Science’
Wednesday 29 October 2008 at 5.00 pm

Jim Bennett (Director of the Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford)
Milburn House, University of Warwick
‘British Enthusiasm for the Italian Renaissance in the “Long” Nineteenth Century’
Tuesday 2 December 2008 at 5.00 pm

John Law (Department of History, Swansea University; Chair, Society for Renaissance Studies)
Research Beehive, Room 2.22, University of Newcastle
‘Renaissance Encounters: The Invention of Printing and the Crisis of the Renaissance’
Monday 2 February 2009 at 5.15 pm

Andrew Pettegree (Professor of Modern History, University of St Andrews)
Arts Faculty, Lecture Room 3, 17 Woodland Road, University of Bristol
‘Touching the Renaissance’
Friday 6 February 2009 at 7.00 pm

Evelyn Welch (Professor of Renaissance Studies, Queen Mary, University of London)
Hochhauser Auditorium, Sackler Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
(The event is free but tickets must be pre-booked. Please visit www.vam.ac.uk)
‘The Renaissance in Global Context’
Thursday 26 February 2009

Peter Burke (Emeritus Professor of Cultural History, University of Cambridge)
Trinity College Dublin (for venue and start time, contact Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey, salynsta@tcd.ie)
‘Art or Material Culture? Reinterpreting the Renaissance Collections of the V&A’
Thursday 26 February 2009 at 5.00 pm

Peta Motture (Chief Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum’s Medieval and Renaissance Galleries Project)
Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester
‘Why Did the Renaissance Value Rhetoric?’
Wednesday 4 March 2009 at 5.00 pm

Sir Brian Vickers (Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, University of London)
Ramsden Room, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge
‘How Does the Archive Change the History of Renaissance Ideas? The Case of Montaigne’
Wednesday 6 May 2009 at 5.30 pm

Warren Boutcher (Reader in Renaissance Studies, Queen Mary, University of London)
Sydney Smith Lecture Room, The Medical School, Teviot Place, University of Edinburgh
‘Reading, Writing, and Travelling in the World of Columbus’
Tuesday 19 May 2009 at 5 pm

Barry Ife (Principal of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama)
St John’s College Auditorium, University of Oxford
‘Changing Patterns of Musical Dissemination in the Early Renaissance’
Tuesday 13 October 2009 at 7 pm

Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford)
MALT Lecture Theatre, New Main Arts Building, College Road, Bangor University


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