Monday, October 20, 2008


PARADISE LOST [these details via the LRS ...]
Thursday 23 October 2008, 9 am-9 pm approx., Judith E. Wilson Drama
Studio, Faculty of English, 9 West Road, AND ONLINE

Join us on 23 October for an all-day reading of Milton's great poem
Paradise Lost. This epic retelling of the fall of the rebel angels and
of Adam and Eve will be read by members of the Faculty of English in
collaboration with students, colleagues, artists, and musicians, and
broadcast live online. Drop in and out at any point, and join us at the
end of the day for a glass of wine.

Further details and link to audio stream:

Book I - Gavin Alexander
Book II - Drew Milne
Book III - Helen Cooper
Book IV - Eric Griffiths
Book V - Fred Parker
Book VI - Paul Hartle
Book VII - Daniel Wakelin
Book VIII - Jean Chothia
Book IX - Jeremy Hardingham
Book X - Abigail Rokison
Book XI - Clive Wilmer
Book XII - Adrian Poole


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