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The Early Modern Studies in Scotland Seminar (EMSIS)
The Scottish Institute of Northern Renaissance Studies (SINRS)
The Glasgow Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (GCMRS)
present a Colloquium:

Saturday 1st November 2008

School of English and Scottish Language and Literature (SESLL)

4 University Gardens, Room 202

University of Glasgow

11 am: Arrivals and Coffee

11.30-12.45: SESSION ONE

‘Remembering Aemilia Lanyer’, Kate Chedgzoy, University of Newcastle.

‘Would the real Moll Cutpurse please stand up?: (mis)remembering Mary Frith’, Vicky Price, University of Glasgow.

12.45-1.30: lunch

1.30-2.45: SESSION TWO

‘Memory, affect and responsibility in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde’, Ruth Evans, University of Stirling.

‘“Whiles of my selfe I shall have memory”: Henry Howard and the Tudor business of remembering’, Andrew Hiscock, University of Bangor.

2.45-3.15: tea

3.15-4.30: SESSION THREE

‘Mourning and Remembering in Middleton’s Puritan Widow’, Andrew Gordon, University of Aberdeen.

‘Forgotten Ophelias: Shakespeare’s heroines behind barbed wire’, Michael Dobson, Birkbeck College, University of London.

4.30-4.45: break

4.45-5.45: SESSION FOUR

Informal round-table discussion, led by Willy Maley, University of Glasgow.

5.45: Concluding remarks and close.

NB: If you plan to come to this event, please contact Rob Maslen (, so he can get an idea of numbers. Registration will take place on arrival. We will ask for the following fee to help cover our costs: waged £10; unwaged free. Fees will be collected on the day. There are a limited number of bursaries available to help students with travel; please contact Andrew Gordon for details ( All other correspondence should be addressed to Rob Maslen.


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