Monday, October 13, 2008

“The Tamer Tamed” by John Fletcher

Progress Theatre
The Mount | Christchurch Road | Reading

Thursday 20th to Saturday 29th November 2008
Performances at 7.45pm

Shakespeare’s friend John Fletcher wrote this ribald, hilarious, revolutionary play in 1610, and it enjoyed constant success until Victorian prudishness ended its triumphant run. Revivals in the Naughty Noughties show its time has returned.

The Tamer Tamed stands alone, but is also a sequel to Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Shakespeare’s play raises many questions. When Petruchio turned the feisty Kate into a submissive wife, were his methods justified? Was Kate’s submission really a happy ending? Was she truly tamed, anyway?

The Tamer Tamed works on the assumption that Petruchio and Kate quarrelled constantly until her death. It begins on the day Petruchio marries Maria, who resolves to succeed where Kate failed. She engages Petruchio in a rapidly escalating battle of wits: no weapon is too dirty or dangerous to use.

Carolyn Williams's adaptation preserves Fletcher’s style and spirit, while appealing to a modern audience. Progress Theatre will be taken over by formidable women and desperate men, not to mention two bears and a very large sausage. Can you afford to miss it?

Tickets available from Reading Arts Box Office on 0118 960 6060,
in person at the Hexagon or the Old Town Hall
or click here to book online now! Carers accompanying disabled patrons go free. Group booking rates available: call 0118 939 0011 for details. Full event details can be found at Book online anytime at Please note that a booking fee may apply

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