Monday, November 24, 2008

Shakespeare’s Globe Postgraduate Seminar

[this via the LRS]
Early modern indoor and outdoor playing spaces and staging practices
6-8pm 15th December 2008

We invite papers (15-20 minutes in length) on the early modern playing at indoor and outdoor playhouses for the third postgraduate seminar held at Shakespeare’s Globe. Papers may include discussion of repertory, theatre space, staging, lighting, music, playwrights and texts at indoor and outdoor theatres. Issues speakers may want to address include:

• Arguments for and against a tangible difference between indoor and outdoor playing
• Plays which offer an insight into the staging conditions at indoor or outdoor playhouses
• Playwrights who wrote for specific playing spaces
• Visual or aural staging effects

Last month, Shakespeare’s Globe held ‘Outside In/Inside Out – Shakespeare, the Globe and Blackfriars’ a conference on the issues of indoor and outdoor playing in honour of Professor Andrew Gurr. In 2009, the American Shakespeare Centre in Virginia Staunton will hold the second part of this conference at the reconstructed Blackfriars. We hope that this seminar will be an opportunity for postgraduate community to address and respond to the same issues that these major conferences have and will cover.

Please send 200 word abstract to by Monday 8th December 2008.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Dustagheer and Gwilym Jones.


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