Monday, March 02, 2009

Shakespeare and 1590s drama

CFP for a panel at the Renaissance Society of America, Venice, 2010

This is a call for papers that consider Shakespeare's plays in relation to other drama staged in 1590s England. One way of approaching this topic might be through examining the influence of dramatists such as Marlowe or the early Jonson or Chapman on Shakespeare (or vice versa), but other possibilities might be:
- the place of Shakespeare's plays in the repertory of the Lord Chamberlain's Men
- the ongoing influence of earlier plays such as _The Spanish Tragedy_ that maintained a place in 1590s repertories
- different ways of conceiving the relationship between Shakespeare's output and other companies' repertories: competition? partnership? derivativeness? political/religious debate?

Please email an abstract (200 words max.), details of any audio-visual requirements, and a brief CV including contact details to Dr Tom Rutter of Sheffield Hallam University by 1 May 2009.

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