Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The second Gascoigne Seminar will be held at Lincoln College, Oxford, on
Friday 18th September 2009. The Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS)
has very kindly offered funding for two postgraduate/early career
bursaries of up to #100 for people wishing to present papers and two
bursaries of up to #60 for postgraduates wishing to participate as
session chairs. The bursaries will be used to help with the
participants' expenses. Papers will be published in a peer-reviewed
collection of new essays, but on the day they should be 20 minutes long.
Each paper has a 30-minute slot to allow for questions and discussion.

The SRS bursaries will provide a great opportunity for postgraduates and
early career academics to present new work on Gascoigne and to be
published alongside some very distinguished names in the field. The
speakers for the Gascoigne Seminar 2009 now include:

Prof Susan C Staub (Appalachian State University)
Prof Alan Stewart (Columbia University)
Dr Robert Maslen (University of Glasgow)
Dr Jayne Archer (University of Wales at Aberystwyth)
Dr Elizabeth Heale (University of Reading)
Dr Syrithe Pugh (University of Aberdeen)
Dr David Trim (Newbold College)

Session chairs and other participants include:

Prof Arthur Kinney (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Prof David Norbrook (University of Oxford)
Prof Mike Pincombe (University of Newcastle)
Dr Cathy Shrank (University of Sheffield)
Dr Roger Pooley (Keele University)
Dr Raphael Lyne (University of Cambridge)
Dr Elizabeth Goldring (University of Warwick)
Dr John Lee (University of Bristol)

The day will include a private viewing of some of the Bodleian's
collection of 16th-century Gascoigne volumes, including Gabriel Harvey's
copy of The Posies. This session is being repeated from the 2007 seminar
as it was so popular.

Anyone interested in applying for a Society for Renaissance Studies
bursary should email the organiser, Gillian Austen, in the first
instance, outlining what aspect of Gascoigne's work you would like to
write on (g.austen@bristol.ac.uk, off-list please). Enquiries about
attending the seminar are also welcome: the fee for the day will be #35,
to cover all sessions and refreshments, including an excellent buffet
lunch and all refreshments. A discount applies to members of the Society
for Renaissance Studies. The day will run from 9.30am until about 6pm.


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