Monday, April 20, 2009

Reading and Writing in Provincial Society

[this via the LRS] To be held at Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Saturday 9th of May 2009, 9:45am-4pm

Elizabeth Askey, University of Kent.
‘For the benefit, and comfort of others’: An Collins’ Quest in her Divine Songs and Meditacions (1653)

Iain Taylor, Royal Holloway University of London.
Bible Commentaries in Early Modern England - Print Culture and the Making of a Puritan Reputation

Claire Bartram, Canterbury Christchurch University
‘Discourses of Dover Haven’: The interface between pragmatic and literary narratives of Dover in the late Sixteenth Century.

Andrew Butcher
The writers of late medieval Bridgwater: Writings, Clients, Careers, and Concerns

Prof. Gordana Fontana-Giusti, University of Kent
On the early fifteenth century writings by L.B.Alberti

Dr David Shaw, CERL
The development of the Cathedral Library in 17th-century Canterbury: The Role of the Cathedral and Local Communities

There will be an exhibition of early printed books and manuscripts to accompany this event. Full details of the programme will be available on the website shortly at
There will be a £5 fee for this event payable on admission.
Light refreshments will be provided but lunch will not be available. To register for this event and reserve one of a limited number of places, please email
(Normal precincts charges apply for any delegates intending to visit the cathedral on the day)


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