Monday, April 20, 2009

Spenser conference in Ireland this May

[via LRS ...] "Eterne in Mutabilitie": Edmund Spenser in the Seventeenth Century. A conference marking the 400th anniversary of the publication of Spenser's Two Cantos of Mutabilitie'. This event also incorporates the annual meeting of the British and Irish Spenser Seminar. The Mutabilitie Cantos and seventeenth-century Spenser are the primary interests of the conference, but we will also be making the most of our venue: the two magnificent castles of the Earls of Ormond at Carrick-on-Suir and Kilkenny.

The full programme, together with advice regarding transport and accommodation, can be found at

The conference takes place on 15-17th May in Kilkenny castle and Ormond castle, Carrick-on-Suir (the Earl of Ormond's 'braue mansion'). The conference will be based in Kilkenny but the annual meeting of the British and Irish Spenser Seminar on Saturday 16th will be held in Ormond castle; a special bus will run from Kilkenny on the day. Speakers include Willy Maley (Glasgow), David Edwards (University College Cork), James Nohrnberg (Virginia), Syrithe Pugh (Aberdeen), Andrew Hadfield (Sussex), Julian Lethbridge (Tuebingen), Andrew Zurcher (Queens' College, Cambridge) and Jane Fenlon, art historian and author of the OPW guidebooks to both castles.

NB: If you would like to attend the conference, we would ask that you pre-register by sending an email to Jane Grogan ( ).


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