Thursday, May 07, 2009

Classical Rome in the Renaissance Imagination

The London Renaissance Seminar
Organiser: Linda Grant
Saturday, May 16th 2009, Birkbeck, Room 403, Malet Street

1.30 Registration

1.50 Introduction (Linda Grant)

Panel One

Chair: Professor Catharine Edwards, Professor of Classics
and Ancient History, Birkbeck

2.00 The reception of /fama/ in Sannazaro's /De Partu Virginis/,
Vida's /Christiad/, and Milton's /In Quintum Novembris/

Professor Philip Hardie

Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College and Honorary
Professor of Latin

University of Cambridge

2.30 The Politics of Roman History in Late Elizabethan England:
Henry Savile's Tacitus

Dr Paulina Kewes

Fellow and Tutor in English Literature,

Jesus College

University of Oxford

3.15 tea/coffee

3.30 Panel Two

Chair: Professor Tom Healy

3.30 (Paper title to be confirmed)

Dr Dorigen Caldwell

Lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art


4.00 'Roman ruins: Spenser, Shakespeare, and Du Bellay

Dr Bart van Es

Fellow and Lecturer

St Catherine's College

University of Oxford

5.15 wine


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