Tuesday, May 05, 2009

'Henry VIII and the Tudor Court, 1509-2009'

... runs from 13-15 July 2009 at Hampton Court Palace. It features keynote addresses from G.W. Bernard, Susan Brigden, Eamon Duffy, Maria Hayward, Greg Walker, Dale Hoak, John N. King, Tatiana String and Tarnya Cooper.

Other speakers include Steven Gunn, Thomas S. Freeman, Kristen Post
Walton, Glenn Richardson, Felicity Heal, Tracey Sowerby, David Humphrey,
Elizabeth Hurren, Susan Wabuda, Aysha Pollnitz, Janet Pollack, Charles
Beem, Carole Levin, Anne McLaren, Mark Rankin, Christopher Highley,
Judith M. Richards and Peter Marshall.

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