Tuesday, May 05, 2009


The Faculty of Arts of Ghent University announces a possible
tenure-track professorship in the field of English literature of the
sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with a starting date of
1 February 2010. Candidates for such a position should have earned the
PhD degree no earlier than 1 February 2003. They should have a strong
research record, with an emphasis on peer-reviewed articles in
international journals and in books with international publishers that
likewise use peer review.

These professorships involve an appointment for an initial period of
five years, in the rank of lecturer. Upon successful review of the
dossier at the end of this period, tenure is offered, in the rank of
senior lecturer. Promotion to full professor is possible after a further
eight years, on a competitive basis. The positions carry a limited
teaching load.

Candidates who meet the criteria and who would consider moving to Ghent
are asked to contact the coordinator of the English literature section,
Professor Gert Buelens, by e-mail (Gert.Buelens@UGent.be) as soon as


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