Wednesday, June 17, 2009


17th and 18th July, Birkbeck College

Speakers: free
Waged Delegates: conference £35, 1 day £20.
Unwaged /graduate: conference £20, 1 day £10.
Please note that places at the early career publishing workshop are likely to be limited.

Provisional timetable

Friday July 17
30 Russell Square, London WC1

8.30-10am: Religious Poetry: Wright, Molekamp, Wiseman
10-10.15: Tea
10.15-12.00: Revising Critical Paradigms: Scott-Baumann, Pender, Chedgzoy Medicinal Poetry/Poetics: Munkoff, Bennet
1pm-2pm: Lunch: probably own arrangements
2pm-3.30: Scurrilous Women: O’Callaghan, Hudson, Smith
3.45-5pm: Early career workshop: publishing that monograph. Led by Sarah Stanton (CUP)
4.45/5pm-5.15: Tea
5.15-6.45: Wroth I: Lamb, Salzman, demonstration
6.45-7.30: NEER Reception
7.30:Dinner at nearby restaurant

Saturday July 18
Birkbeck Main Building, Malet Street

8.30-10am: Catholicism and Poetry: Hackett, Lander, Wallace
10-10.15: Tea
10.15-11.45: Poetic Inheritance: Grant, O’Brien, Cottegnies Politics and Rhetoric: Chalmers, D. Clarke.
1pm-2pm: Lunch: probably own arrangements
2pm-3.30: Poetic Form: Ross, Parsons, Trill
2.30pm –3.30pm Manuscripts: E.Clark, A.Eardley
3.45-: 5.15: Wroth II: Stapleton, Hart, Lentsch
5.15-5.30: Afternoon tea
5.30-7pm: Poetic Selves: Longfellow, Chowdhury, Lilley
7pm: Closing remarks
7.15 To the Pub


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