Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Journal of the Northern Renaissance (www.northernrenaissance.org) invites submissions for our second issue on the theme of memory and the Northern Renaissance.

Under the term 'Renaissance', the early modern period has often been described in terms of a process of recovery, rebirth and remembrance – words which invoke their shadowy counterparts, loss, death and forgetting. The preoccupation with the past runs right through the culture, from notions of nationhood to ideas about the body and the self, from antiquarianism to translation as a means of recovering and storing information. We would welcome submissions thinking through the uses and abuses of memory in and of the period, and as ever would be especially interested in articles exploring the temporal and geographical boundaries of the Renaissance in the North. Themes may include such matters as:

/Acts and Monuments, age, amnesia, anecdote, antiquarianism, archives, autobiography, beginnings, childhood, chronicle, classics, collective memory, cultural memory, commemoration, death, decay, depository, discovery, dreams, editing, education, epitaphs, etymology, evidence, example, forgetfulness, forgiveness, foundations, generations, ghosts, glossary, historiography, imagination, inscription, labour, lament, law, learning, Lethe, library, loss, madness, manuscript, martyrdom, melancholy, memoir, monuments, myth, nostalgia, oblivion, obscurity, origins, pardons, past performance, popular memory, posterity, precedent, preservation, publication, rebellion, record, recollection, recovery, reformation, rehearsal, relics, remembrance, repetition, repository, roots, salvation, scripture, speeches, storehouse, texts, time, traces, translation, travel, vision and youth./

Submissions should be sent to the journal by *1st September 2009*. Potential contributors are advised to consult the submissions page of our website for details of the submissions procedure and style guidelines.


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