Monday, July 13, 2009

Forum III: Sex and the Early Modern Woman


/Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal/ (/EMWJ/) invites submissions to an interdisciplinary Forum on */Sex and the Early Modern Woman/*, slated for publication in Volume V (2010). We encourage= contributors to the forum to explore the intersection of sex and early modern women and girls from different socioeconomic levels and from regions across the globe. How did Early Modern women view their own sexuality and that of others? How did moralists view women=92s sexuality? How did women resist and subvert the dominant ideology of sexuality? Which spaces were associated with sex? What can we learn about the sexualities of wives, nuns, single women, adulteresses, witches, virgins, prostitutes, and lesbians?

We invite submissions of about 1200 words that address these issues, and especially welcome innovative approaches. Analyses in all disciplines are welcome, but those that cross disciplines and national borders are especially welcome.

The deadline for forum submissions is *September 22, 2009.*

*Early Modern is defined as the period 1400-1700.

*Please visit=20 for the full text of the Call for Submissions prompt. Any inquiries about the forum posted below may be sent to*


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