Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Drawing Out Shakespeare."

The 2010 Australia-New Zealand Shakespeare Association (ANZSA) Conference will be held in Sydney, Australia from 17 to 19 June 2010. The theme is "Drawing Out Shakespeare."

Education is a 'drawing out' -- of knowledge, experience, of the learner and of the teacher. Situations, narratives and interrogations of teaching and learning occur frequently in Shakespeare's plays and many other texts of the period. The problems of teaching 400-year-old texts, under different societal, technological, cultural, and even geographical constraints, remain challenging today. The conference will have a dual focus, covering Shakespearean pedagogy in its widest sense, then and now. Papers might consider ways of engaging students with Shakespearean and other Early Modern drama, the educational uses of reconstructions such as the London Globe, the effects and effectiveness of Shakespeare on film, the uses of 'Shakespeare' in other modes of teaching and learning, in the past as well as the present. Equally, they might explore the many ideas about learning and teaching in the Early Modern period, scenes and narratives of pedagogy in Shakespearean and other theatres -- including the writer 'instructing' his actors via the processes of rehearsal and enskillment. Theoretical issues, for example those arising from gender, class and ideas of childhood, invite development in these contexts.

Proposals for theme-based panels and workshops focusing on ways of exploring Shakespeare are welcome, as well as individual short papers. Papers on the teaching and learning of Shakespeare in schools are especially welcome. Proposals for 20-minute papers should be submitted for consideration by the programme panel by email to Professor Penny Gay (penny.gay@usyd.edu.au) by 31 January 2010.

Full details are available on the ANZSA website: http://conference.anzsa.org/


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