Thursday, October 01, 2009

Birkbeck Early Modern Society

Programme of academic papers for 2009-10.

All papers begin at 6. 30 pm unless otherwise stated and are followed by refreshments and discussion. You can renew your membership (which remains a bargain at a mere £5!) at any of our events.

22 October: Dr Roger Mettam, ‘Absolute Monarchy and Provincial Identity in Louis XIV’s France’, Malet St, room 633. This event starts at 7 pm.

12 Nov: Karen Hearn (Curator of 16th-and 17th-Century British Art, Tate Britain), ‘Tudor and Jacobean Pregnancy Portraits’, Malet St, room 509.

10 Dec: Prof. Quentin Skinner, ‘Word and Image in the Philosophy of Hobbes’, Malet St, room B35; followed by Xmas party in room B04.

29 Jan: Prof. Alex Walsham (Exeter), ‘'Skeletons in the Cupboard: Relics after the English Reformation’, room tbc.

5 March: Tim Knox (Director, Sir John Soane’s House), ‘The Strange Genius of Sir John Soane’, Malet St, room 415.

25 March: Prof. Michael Hunter, ‘The Decline of Magic’, subtitle tbc, Malet St, room B30.

April: Dr Richard Williams, ‘Text and Image in Reformation Visual Culture’, room tbc.

May: Dr Malcolm Jones, ‘Death in Early Modern English Prints and Book Illustrations’, room tbc.

June: Prof. Julian Swann, title tbc.

With best wishes,
Stephen Brogan
President, Birkbeck Early Modern Society


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