Monday, October 12, 2009

Early Modern Europe seminars at the IHR

[this via Stephen Brogan of the Birkbeck Early Modern Society ...]

European History 1500-1800

Philip Broadhead, Julian Swann, Peter Campbell, Filippo de Vivo, John Henderson

Mondays at 17.00 in the Low Countries Room of the Institute of Historical Research (University of London), Senate House, Malet Street, LONDON WC1E 7HU

Autumn 2009

12 October Gregory S. Brown (University of Nevada), ‘“Maître dans sa maison”: An inadvertent Aristocrat in Revolutionary Paris’

(Joint session with the Modern French History seminar, 5. 30 pm start)

19 October Dr Mary Laven (Cambridge), ‘Jesuits and Eunuchs: Encountering gender in late Ming China’

26 October Isabelle Storez-Brancourt, (CNRS – Paris) 'From the chancellor of France to an unknown clerk in the Parlement of Paris: an exploration

of the judicial world of eighteenth-century France'

16 November Victor Egío (Liverpool), ‘The tradition of the School of Salamanca in the 20th century: Early modern Spain domesticated’

30 November Dr Paul Warde (UEA), ‘The forests and the future: figuring the welfare of posterity in early modern Europe’


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