Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elizabeth I and Ireland Conference

Friday, November 13, 2009 - Saturday, November 14, 2009
Student Union-Room 304 and Ballroom
(860) 486-9050
University of Connecticut
2110 Hillside Road
For registration information and details, please visit the conference
Web site at:

This conference aims to bring together a diverse range of historians
and literary scholars to explore both Elizabeth I’s direct role in the
shaping of Irish policy and the ways in which Irish events and people
affected her political style.

Issues to be addressed by speakers include the following:

• Elizabeth I’s intervention in the administrative and military
affairs of Ireland;
• Her relationship with her military commanders and viceroys in Ireland;
• Her role in––and views of––the violence that increasingly marked the
English presence in Ireland;
• Her policies effecting religious change;
• Her interest in the mytho-historical origins of the Irish and their culture;
• The extent to which she considered Ireland kingdom or colony; and
• Irish views of Elizabeth I.

Plenary speakers:
Hiram Morgan (University College Cork)
Marc Caball (University College, Dublin)
Paul Hammer (Department of History, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Leah Marcus (Department of English, Vanderbilt University)

In addition, there will be eight panels of scholars from Ireland, the
UK, and the US in non-overlapping sessions presenting on a variety of
historical and literary issues that center on the political policies
and role of Queen Elizabeth I in shaping the early modern Irish


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