Monday, October 12, 2009

EMPHASIS (Early Modern Philosophy and History of Science Seminar), 2009-2010

Venue: Room G34 [Ground Floor] Senate House, South Building, Malet Street, London WC1E. Time: Saturday, 2-4pm. Refreshments provided.

3 October 2009
Steven Walton (Pennsylvania State University and Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Leeds), ‘Practical Mathematics and the Military Gentleman’.

7 November 2008
Anthony Ossa-Richardson (Warburg Institute), ‘Pomponazzi and the Rôle of Nature in Oracular Divination’.

5 December 2009
Mediaeval alchemy
Jennifer Rampling (HPS, Cambridge), ‘George Ripley (d. c.1490): medicine and the royal alchemist’.
Peter Jones (Kings College, Cambridge), ‘John Argentein (c.1443-1508): alchemy and the royal doctor’.

9 January 2010
New perspectives on Francis Bacon:
Cesare Pastorino (University of Indiana), ‘The Role of Technological Invention in Bacon's Philosophy of Experiment’
Kathryn Murphy (Jesus College, Oxford), ‘History, Miscellany, Encyclopaedia? Sylva Sylvarum and the Forms of Natural Knowledge’
Sophie Weeks (University of Leeds), ‘What is Baconian Magic?’

6 February 2010
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (Oxford Brookes)
‘Nature unbowels herself: Margaret Cavendish, print and the scientific imagination’.

6 March 2010 [NB ST275, STEWART HOUSE]
John Henry (University of Edinburgh):
‘Gravity and De gravitatione: The development of Newton’s concept of action at a distance.’

17 April 2010
Pamela H. Smith (Columbia University)
‘What is a “How-To Book”? Technical Writing in early modern Europe’.

15 May 2010
Wouter Hanegraaff (University of Amsterdam)
‘Historians of Error: The Protestant Attack on Platonic Orientalism’

5 June 2010
Early Modern heterodoxies
William Poole (New College, Oxford): ‘Early-modern scientific innovation and
heterodoxy: only connect?’
Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College, Cambridge): 'Heterodoxy
and the natural history of religion, 1641–1757'.
Rhodri Lewis (St Hugh’s College Oxford): ‘Heterodoxy and scribal culture in and around the early Royal Society’.

For the most up-to-date information on the seminar please consult the seminar website:

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