Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"The Nation's Poet? Milton's Shakespeare and the British Problem"

NICHOLAS MCDOWELL (Exeter/Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton), Tuesday, October 20, The Columbia Early Modern Seminar

Nicholas McDowell is Associate Professor of English at the University
of Exeter. He works on the literary, cultural and intellectual history
of 17th-century England. He is the author of The English Radical
Imagination: Culture, Religion, and Revolution, 1630-1660 (Oxford
University Press, 2003) and Poetry and Allegiance in the English
Civil Wars: Marvell and the Cause of Wit (Oxford University Press,
2008), and the co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Milton (2009).
He is currently editing Milton's 1649 prose for volume 6 of the Oxford
Complete Works of John Milton: Vernacular Regicide and Republican

Please note our new time and place: 6.15 pm in 501B International AffairsBuilding at Columbia. International Affairs is most easily accessible from W118th Street, at Amsterdam Avenue.

All welcome. If you have any queries, please contact Alan Stewart on


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