Friday, November 06, 2009

The Body on Display from Renaissance to Enlightenment

A two-day symposium for postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers
exploring the visual, material and representational cultures surrounding
the inner depths and outer surfaces of the human body, c.1400-c.1800.

Possible topics might include
(but are not limited to):
• Dissection, the medical 'gaze'
and medical illustration
• Corporeality and the flesh in the
visual, written and performing
• The body in religious
iconography, hagiography and
religious performance
• Gesture, kinesics and the
expression of emotions
• Corporal punishment and bodily
• Clothing, garments and
cosmetics, and their significance

For more details, visit the symposium website
or contact us at

Durham University, 6-7 July 2010
An interdisciplinary early career symposium supported by the Society for the Social
History of Medicine

Deadline for abstracts, of no more than 300 words, is 30 January 2010 emailed to


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