Thursday, November 05, 2009

Call for Papers: Teaching the Renaissance

17th March 2010, University of Central Lancashire

Keynotes: Lisa Hopkins and Stephen Longstaffe

This free event is being jointly run by the English Subject Centre and
the Northern Renaissance Seminar and hosted by the University of Central
Lancashire in conjunction with the University of Northumbria.

Brief description
This one-day seminar will use discussion and debate to assess the
current state of teaching Renaissance literature and culture.
As we continue to advance our knowledge of the Renaissance as a
cultural, political, historical and theoretical field, how does our
research shape and inform the way that we teach the subject?
Conversely, to what extent are the demands of teaching influencing the
methods and subjects of new research?

The seminar will provide an opportunity to share innovative approaches
to teaching a subject as diverse and complex as the Renaissance. It will
also provide a forum for talking about vital issues about the
institutional place of Renaissance studies in educational contexts.

The seminar will be hosted by the University of Central Lancashire under
the auspices of the Northern Renaissance Seminar. However, participation
will be open to all academics in the UK. The seminar's organisers are
Stuart Hampton-Reeves (UCLan) and Monika Smialkowska (Northumbria).

The event will consist of a mixture of paper sessions and a round-table

Call for Papers

We invite contributors to submit a 250-word abstract for either:

A 20-minute presentation OR a 45-minute workshop on Teaching the Renaissance.

Abstracts should include a title, a description of the paper or workshop
and a brief note on the author. They should be submitted by November
30th 2009 to Monika Smialkowska at:

The event is being organised by Stuart Hampton-Reeves (Central
Lancashire) and Monika Smialkowska (Northumbria).


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