Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Culture of Translation in Early Modern England and France, 1500-1660

St John’s College, Oxford, 27th-28th November 2009
A two-day colloquium on the practices, politics, and poetics of translation
Co-organisers: Tania Demetriou and Rowan Tomlinson
With the generous support of the John Fell OUP Research Fund and St John’s College

Confirmed Speakers: Warren Boutcher, Sheldon Brammall, Sarah Annes Brown, Peter Burke, Anne Coldiron, Tania Demetriou, Raphaële Fruet, Stuart Gillespie, Roger Kuin, Raphael Lyne, Simon McKinnon, Victoria Moul, David Norbrook, Glyn Norton, John O'Brien, Pat Palmer, Anne Lake Prescott, Neil Rhodes, Fred Schurink, Kirsti Sellevold, Andrew Taylor, Rowan Tomlinson, Paul White

For further information on programme and registration, please see or email


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