Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Publics

The Making Publics (MaPs) Project and Concordia University
invite applications
A Research Seminar for Dissertation-Stage and Recent PhDs and Junior Faculty
Leaders: Robert Tittler (Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus,
and Brian Cowan (Canada Research Chair in Early Modern British History,
24 May – 23 June, 2010
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
Co-sponsored by MaPs and our host, Concordia University, the 2010
seminar will explore the
issues of cultural networks and the translation of styles, conventions,
and tastes across
geographic and temporal boundaries. We seek to observe both
intra-regional and transregional
experiences of cultural communication: how such patterns developed over the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and their influence thereafter, and
the tensions between
traditional (folkloric and/or 'vernacular'), local, and regional forms
of cultural expression on the
one hand and the more formal, or ‘polite', and widespread forms on the
Canadian and non-Canadian dissertation-stage students, recent PhDs, and
junior faculty from
any field relevant to the subject are invited to apply. As many as 12
successful applicants will
take part in the seminar, which will bring together scholars interested
in early modern cultural
networks, the formation of publics, and the development of public and
private life. The travel
and accommodation expenses of the participants in the seminar will be
covered by the MaPs
The end of the seminar will dovetail with the annual meeting of the MaPs
research team and
seminar participants will present a summary of their work in a special
session, as well as
participate in the research discussions of the meeting.
Making Publics: Media, Markets, and Association in Early Modern Europe,
1500-1700, is
headquartered at McGill University and funded by the Social Sciences and
Research Council of Canada – Major Collaborative Research Initiatives
program. Concordia University is a Co-Investigator institution of the
MaPs Project.
Note New Application Deadline: 15 February 2009
Application Materials and additional information may be found on the
MaPs website:


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