Monday, December 14, 2009

Patricia Fleming Visiting Fellowship in Bibliography and Book History

The Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto is offering
the second Patricia Fleming Visiting Fellowship in Bibliography and Book
History, in the amount of $1000, for research to be conducted during

The Fellowship will be awarded to a scholar outside the University of
Toronto who works in the field of bibliographical studies or book
history. The recipient will conduct research for up to one month at
Toronto libraries and/or archives. This year, the Fellowship will be
awarded to a scholar whose research focuses on non-Canadian topics.
Applicants with Canadian research interests may apply next year and
in alternate

In addition to the $1000 stipend, the recipient will receive
University of Toronto library privileges and office space at the
Faculty of Information during the period of the Fellowship. A brief
report must be submitted upon completion of the Fellowship. The
recipient may also give an informal talk at the Faculty of Information
relating to the research and may participate in the Collaborative Program
in Book History and Print Culture.

Applicants should submit a resume, two confidential letters of
recommendation, and a 1-2 page research proposal describing the
project and the importance of the library or archival collection(s)
in Toronto where the research will be conducted. The proposed timing
of the Fellowship must be specified.

Applications should be sent by regular post or emailed with PDF
attachments to:

Patricia Fleming Bibliography and Book History Fellowship Awards
c/o Adriana Rossini, Registrar
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Room 211- 140 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3G6 Canada

The deadline for application is 28 February 2010.

The fund was created in 2005 to honour Professor Fleming on the
occasion of her retirement from the Faculty. Faculty members, staff,
friends, former students, and colleagues raised funds to establish the


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