Monday, December 21, 2009

*Shakespeare and the City*

Call for Papers

The /Shakespeare Jahrbuch/ 2011 will be a special issue devoted to
“Shakespeare and the City”. At the end of the sixteenth and the
beginning of the seventeenth centuries London was a dynamic and
expanding city; a political, cultural and economic metropolis where
different classes and ethnicities met and interacted with one another.
Contemporaries stressed the contrasts co-existing side by side. Thomas
Dekker, for example, saw early modern London as “the goodliest of thy
neighbors, but the prowdest; the welthiest, but the most wanton. Thou
hast all things in thee to make thee fairest, and all things in thee to
make thee foulest; for thou art attir’de like a Bride, drawing all that
looke upon thee, to be in love with thee, but there is much harlot in
thine eyes.” This issue of the /Jahrbuch/ will seek to discuss these
contradictory perspectives on early modern London, focusing in
particular on the multilayered relationships between the city and the
theatre as well as on Shakespeare’s engagement with the metropolis. This
will be complemented by contributions discussing the role of Shakespeare
for the metropolis from the sixteenth century until today.

The editorial board invites essays on the following topics:

· London as the cultural metropolis of early modern England

· The scene is set in London: theatre and urban space

· Shakespeare in London

· The city on the early modern stage

· Shakespeare’s cities

· The country and the city in Shakespearean drama

· The urban underworld in Shakespearean drama

· Shakespeare and the city comedy

· The city in early modern tragedy

· Representations of the city in film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays

· London’s Shakespeare

· Shakespeare and the modern metropolis

The /Shakespeare Jahrbuch/, the Yearbook of the German Shakespeare
Society, is a peer-reviewed journal. It offers contributions in German
and English, scholarly articles, an extensive section of book reviews,
and reports on Shakespeare productions in the German-speaking world. It
also documents the activities of the Shakespeare Society.

Papers to be published in the /Shakespeare Jahrbuch/ should be formatted
according to our style sheet, which can be downloaded from our website:

Please send an electronic version of your manuscript (of about 5,000
words) to the editor by 31 March 2010.

Professor Sabine Schülting

Shakespeare Jahrbuch

Institut für Englische Philologie

Freie Universität Berlin

Habelschwerdter Allee 45, D-14195 Berlin



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