Friday, January 22, 2010

NYU English Department Colloquium for Early Literature and Culture in English (CELCE)

Unless otherwise noted, events are held Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in 19 University Place; rooms are noted below. Visitors from outside NYU should bring photo ID to sign into NYU buildings. All are welcome!

If you have questions, contact Liza Blake,
elizabeth[dot]blake[at]nyu[dot]edu, Katie Vomero Santos,
kathryn[dot]vomero[at]nyu[dot]edu, or Sarah Ostendorf,

February 4
Paris is Worth a Massacre: Marlowe and the Death of Ramus
(pre-circulated paper; email the organizers for a copy)
John Guillory
Room 222

February 25
The Poetics of Praise
Cary Howie
Room 222

March 12 (Friday)
The Untimely Mammet of Verona
Gil Harris
Room 222

April 8
Feeling Time: Prose Aesthetics in the Cloud of Unknowing
Eleanor Johnson
Room 224

April 22
Keeping Things Still in Renaissance England
Julian Yates
Room 224


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