Friday, February 19, 2010

Birkbeck Early Modern Society Events

5 March: Tim Knox (Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum), ‘The Strange Genius of Sir John Soane', Malet St, room 415.

25 March: Prof. Michael Hunter (Birkbeck), ‘The Decline of Magic: The Paradoxical Role of the Royal Society’, Malet St, room B30.

29 April: Dr Richard Williams (Birkbeck), ‘Culture Clash: Word and Image in Reformation Europe', Malet St, room 320.

20 May: Dr Malcolm Jones (Sheffield), ‘Death in Early Modern English Prints and Book Illustrations’, Malet St, room 320.

24 June: Prof. Julian Swann (Birkbeck), ‘Despotism, Public Opinion and the Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy’, room tbc; followed by our end of term party.

Plus, on Monday 22 Feb at 5.15 Birkbeck's Dr Laura Stewart will be speaking at the Tudor and Stuart history seminar held in the Wolfson Room at the IHR. Her paper is entitled ''Functional Breakdown', a Scottish Perspective: Politics and Finance before the British Civil Wars'.

Details: Stephen Brogan,


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