Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Studentships at Kent

In 2010/11, the School of English at the University of Kent is offering six scholarships for doctoral study.

* Two Arts and Humanities Research Council Block Grant Partnership awards (AHRC BGPs)
* Four Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) studentships

Please see the University of Kent’s postgraduate funding pages ( for financial details of the AHRC BGPs. The GTA studentships will be a grant of £16,000 over the period of registration, subject to satisfactory academic progress, including satisfactorily carrying out teaching and other duties. The grant will be paid in three instalments, £7,000 in year one, when the GTA will do no teaching, and two instalments of £4,500 in years 2 and 3, when teaching will be offered to the GTA to supplement their income. Tuition fees are to be paid by the student out of the grant element.

* Deadline for applications: 1st March 2010 (with interviews on 26th March)

For further details, please see the School of English postgraduate funding page:


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