Monday, April 26, 2010

New play about alchemy

Playwright Richard Byrne (Washington, D.C.) writes ...

I'm writing because I wanted to let you know about the production of my
play, Burn Your Bookes. It's a play about alchemy in the late 16th/(very)
early 17th centuries. I examine it through the career of Edward Kelley --
his rise and fall and strange afterlife in the person of his stepdaughter,
Elizabeth Jane Weston (Westonia) -- one of the few published women poets of
the period. The play is based on a rereading of many of the primary sources
and a deep reading of current scholarship on John Dee, alchemy and Kelley.
(The Folger Institute will be featuring an article about the play in its
summer issue.)

Our run is in Washington, D.C. from Friday, April 30 through Saturday, May

We did a sneak preview of Act II at the Kennedy Center in September 2009.
That's online here:
(Real Player required, alas.)

I've been blogging a lot about the play and the sources at my own blog,
Balkans Via Bohemia:

Here is our full press release. I'm also willing to make the script
available to you or other readers outside the DC area if they are interested
in reading it.


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