Monday, April 05, 2010

The Northeast Milton Seminar

... will be hosted by Prof. Achsah Guibbory at Barnard College, Friday and Saturday, April 23 and 24. It begins at 4:30pm with a lecture by Dayton Haskin (Boston College), on "Milton and the
Making of an Academic Subject," which should have a broad interest since
it attends to the years when discrete literature courses were first
offered in U.S. colleges (c. 1870-1910), and is based on Dayton Haskin's
archival research.

Saturday, two papers will be discussed by the seminar, which will have
been previously circulated, one at 9:30am by RAchel Trubowitz (U of New
Hampshire) "Death and Calculus in Paradise Lost"), one at 1:15pm by Lynne
Greenberg (Hunter), "Milton's Figure of the Whore: Sex, Politics, and the
Law". The friday lecture is open to our academic community, and will be
followed by a brief reception. All sessions will take place in Sulzberger
Parlor, Barnard Hall (3rd floor). Faculty and students who are interested
in listening to the Saturday presentations and discussions are welcome.
But contact Achsah Guibbory ahead of time so she can make sure there is
adequate seating, etc. (


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