Thursday, May 13, 2010

Conflict and Controversy c. 850-1550

The Second Annual University of Manchester Postgraduate Medieval Studies Conference
7-8th June 2010: Kanaris Theatre, The Manchester Museum


Monday 7th June

9.30-9.50 Registration and coffee
9.50-10.00 Opening remarks

10.00-11.30 Panel 1: Conflict in Late Medieval England
(i) Alex Hodgkins: University of Leeds
Civil Disorder, Rebellion and Warfare in Late Medieval England

(ii) Alison James: University of York
‘Both by the law and besides the law’ – Conflict and the Gentry in Fifteenth Century Yorkshire

(iii) Julia Cruse: University of Kent
An Individual Voice of Fifteenth Century Personal and Familial Conflict: The Vernacular Letters of Robert Armburgh - [Chetham’s Manuscript, Mun. E.6. (10) 4]

11.30-12.00 Refreshment break

12.00-1.00 Panel 2: Staging Conflict
(iv) Kate Ash: University of Manchester
Dramatic Tensions and the Theatre of Memory: Crucifying Christ in York and Chester
(v) Daisy Black: University of Manchester
‘_ou arte nere woode’: Spouses of Divinity, Domestic Conflict and Enacting the Safe Heresy.

1.00-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.30 Workshop
Medievalists and Material Culture: Bryan Sitch: The Manchester Museum and Prof. Gale Owen-Crocker: University of Manchester

3.30-4.00 Refreshment break

4.00-500 Panel 3: Destruction and Violence in Early Medieval Culture
(vi) Lucrezia Pezzarossa: University of York
‘If mighty God granted them success in their mission of destruction’:
Biblical Conflicts and the Ideology of War in Late Anglo-Saxon England

(vii) Dr. Erin Madeline Sebo, Trinity College Dublin
Lacerant maternas dente papillas: Images of Violence Towards the Natural World and Anxiety in Anglo-Saxon Riddling.

5.15-6.15 Wine Reception

6.15-7.00 Keynote Lecture : Professor Gale Owen-Crocker: University of Manchester
Public and personal rivalry in 1066: What the Bayeux Tapestry Does and Does not Say

7.15 Conference Meal: Kro Abbey
Tuesday 8th June

9.30-9.45 Registration

9.45-10.15 Panel 4: Conflict in Romance and Epic Literature
(viii) Simon John: University of Swansea
Violence and the chansons de geste: The ‘epic cliché’ of the bisected Turk

(ix) Suzanne Leedham: University of Reading
The Battle of Roncevaux and the Chanson de Roland

(x) Dr. Hannah Priest: University of Manchester
‘No Chyldys Play’: Gigantomachia and Coming of Age in Octavian

10.15-10.45 Refreshment break

10.45-12.00 Key note address: Dr. Sarah Salih, King’s College London
Looking for the Medieval, Looking for the Pagan

12.00-1.15 Lunch

1.15-2.15 Panel 5: Conflict on the Continent: Ninth Century Europe
(xi) Zachary Hines: King’s College London
Las Fronteras: Abengalbón, the Cid, and the ‘Community of Practice’ in the Poema de Mio Cid

(xii) Christopher Heath: University of Manchester
‘Discord is the Font of Captivity’: The Rythmus de Captivitate LhuduiciImperatorisand the Ninth-Century Mezzogiorno

2.15-2.45 Refreshment break

2.45-3.45 Panel 6: Anglo-French and Anglo-Breton Relationships in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
(xiii) Thomas Underwood: University of Swansea
Franco-Breton relations through Norman eyes: assessing the Siege of Bellême through the Querimoniae Normannorum

(ixv) Elizabeth Anderson: University of Huddersfield
The Angevin Dynasty: A Family at War

3.45-4.00 Closing remarks


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