Thursday, June 10, 2010

Call for Papers – Thomas Killigrew

Contributions are invited towards the first collection of essays on Thomas Killigrew (1612–1683), with publication designed to coincide with the quarter-centenary of his birth. Despite his influence as a courtier, exile, playwright and Restoration theatre manager Killigrew remains a surprisingly understudied figure: the last book-length study was William Reich’s edition of Claricilla in 1980; and the sole biography, by Alfred Harbage, was published in 1930. The original essays in this interdisciplinary volume will belatedly provide the sustained modern critical attention Killigrew’s life and work demand. Abstracts of 300 words on any historical, dramatic or artistic aspect of Killigrew should be emailed to the editor, Philip Major, by 1 October 2010. Critical appraisals of Killigrew’s lesser known plays would be particularly welcome.

Dr Philip Major
Birkbeck College, University of London
Email address:


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