Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Falsehood

Originally written by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher
Edited & adapted by Lewis Theobald (circa 1727)
Directed by Barrie Addenbrooke

In 1613 a play entitled “Cardenno” by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher was presented at the court of King James the First. It was next heard of as “The History of Cardenio” in an entry in the Stationery Register in 1653 again accredited to Shakespeare & Fletcher.

The play then disappears to resurface as “Double Falsehood” in 1727 as a premiere of a “lost play by William Shakespeare” presented by Lewis Theobald. The production was a success but subsequently it was felt that Theobald had over stated the extent of his discovery and that the piece was at best a collaboration and at worst a complete forgery by Theobald himself.

The play was lampooned, discredited and largely ignored in the 19th & 20th centuries. However in the 21st century most scholars agree that at least part of the text we have today belongs to the original Shakespeare & Fletcher work.

In 2010 The Arden Shakespeare pre-eminently valued editors of the Bard’s work published Double Falsehood, as part of their third series. This decision has bought the play back into the public consciousness and reawakened many of the debates as to its authorship.

KDC are proud & privileged to be presenting the 21st Century London premiere of this fascinating and controversial play.


Double Falsehood takes its plot from the Cardenio part of Miguel de Cervantes 1605 work The History of Don Quixote. Translated into English in 1612 by Thomas Shelton this work became an inspiration for many contemporary playwrights including Beaumont, Wilkins & Middleton.

At the Union Theatre in Southwark running between 17- 21 August 2010. Tickets are now on sale are now open and with a limited run early booking is strongly advised. Box office 0207 261 9872.


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