Monday, July 05, 2010


A day colloquium at Sheffield Hallam University
Thursday 8 July 2010
Furnival 9221
(see )

10 Arrival and coffee
10.15–11.15 Lucy Munro, Keele, ‘Beyond Spenserianism: Archaism and Temporality in Seventeenth-Century Religious Verse’
11.15-11.30 Coffee
11.30-12.30 Alex Davis, St Andrews, ‘“Dobsons Drie Bobbes” (1607): Renaissance Historical Fiction and the Reformation’
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-3 Dan Cadman, Sheffield Hallam University,‘“The race of th’old Ægyptian kings”: Rival mythologies and the Stuart dynasty in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene’; Richard Wood, Sheffield Hallam University, ‘“I am a man; that is to say, a creature whose reason is often darkened with error”: Sir Philip Sidney, Humility and Revising the Arcadia’
3-3.15 Tea
3.15-4.45 Annaliese Connolly, Sheffield Hallam University, ‘Re-considering George Peele’; Chris Butler, Sheffield Hallam University, ‘As I/You/They Like/d It, or: When is an Allegory not an Allegory?’

There is no conference fee but it would be much appreciated if anyone intending to come would let Lisa Hopkins ( know in advance.


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